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lyrics translations #12, #13

Hi, here are two translations after a while. Just before school starts tomorrow ugh -_- Anyway, as soymoon requested, here's 夢見月に何想ふ (though I was gonna translate it anyway lol). Enjoy:


セプテンバーさん (Seputenbaa-san) (Mr. September)

一人のために描いた夢を 誰かに使いまわした                 
そんなこともあるさと 笑える僕もきっとセプテンバー
A dream sketched for a person’s sake    Was used by another
I who laughed that there was even such a thing   It’s definitely because of September too

『夏』ってだけでキラキラしてた あの気持ちが好きなの           
「もう少しだけここにいさせて」 そんな顔で僕見るの
Only because of “summer”,
we sparkle   Do you like that feeling?
“Please let me be here for a little while longer”   You look at me with that face

でも君が笑える理由なら 僕が見つけてきてあげる                  
こんな二人を繋ぐのは きっとなんでもないセプテンバー
But if that’s the reason that you’re smiling   I will help you find it
Connecting two people like that, it’s definitely the insignificant September

本物よりリアルに見えた あの魔法はもう解けた               
けどギュっとすればキュンとなるあれは 夏のおかげなんかじゃない
Seeing something even more real than the real thing   That magic has already been broken
But if your chest tightens when you become more concerned   Then it’s not because of summer anymore

湿る空が乾く色を きっとパパは探していたの                 
The wet sky has gotten in drying colours   Papa is definitely searching
At that time, one stands alone and waits achingly for September

OH セプテンバー OH セプテンバー                      
 セプテンバー OH セプテンバー
OH September   OH September  
OH September   OH September  

夢が語りつくした希望を 僕は拾うよ 君は見てるの?             
さぁ今ならば この声ならば届く気がしたんだ
The wishes that have been recited by dreams   I will gather them, can you see it?
Then if it’s now, if it’s this voice, I feel like I can deliver it

夏が散らかしてった心を 僕は紡ぐよ さぁいざ行こう       
そう今だから この声だから 響くセプテンバー
The heart that was scattered around on the summer day   I will spin it up like yarn and tidy it   Hey let’s go
Yes, because it’s now, because it’s this voice, September echoes

声が響きだす そこに意味はなくとも                    
君が笑い出す そこに夏はいなくとも
A voice echoes   Even though there’s no meaning to that
Your smile comes out   Even though it’s not summer

OH セプテンバー OH セプテンバー
 セプテンバー OH セプテンバー
OH September   OH September  
OH September   OH September  

僕が笑える理由なら 今まさに目の前にいるよ            
こんな僕らを繋ぐのは そうさいつも
If it’s the reason for my smile   It’s in front of your eyes now
Connecting us like that is   Yes, it’s like always

愛が語り尽くした想いを 僕は歌うよ 人は笑うよ            
でも今ならば この声ならば届く気がしたんだ
The feelings that have been recited by love   I will sing them   People will ridicule them
But if it’s now, if it’s this voice, I feel like I can deliver it

手と手をとれば揺れる心が 抱えた不思議 それはテンパシー
さぁ今だから この声だから さぁ今ならば この声ならば
If we could hold hands to hands, then my shaking heart

Then because it’s now, because it’s this voice, then because it’s now, because it’s this voice

こんな僕だけど そう君となら 何もないけれど そう今ならば
この声ならば そう君となら 響く気がしたんだ
Though it’s me like that, if it’s being with you, even though there’s nothing, if it’s now,
If it’s this voice, if it’s being with you, I feel like it will echo

あぁ この季節が 語るもの                     
あぁ この季節が 繋ぐもの
Ah, the things that are told by this season
Ah, the things that are connected by this season




夢見月に何思ふ (Yumemitsuki ni Nani Omofu) (What do You Think of Upon Seeing the Moon?)

いつかの「忘れちゃいたい」僕も 「なんで言っちゃったんだ」の僕も           
The me of one day who thinks “I want to forget everything” and the me who says “What am I saying”
Will seem like they’re loved – not really liked or hated

泣いた 笑った 叫んだ その の連鎖が僕なら              
偶然の上に生きてきた そして「今」の僕に会えたなら                
悲しみよ 苦しみよ 痛みよ 気持ちよさよ ありがとう
I cried   I laughed   I screamed    If the chains of “the present” were to be me
Living upon coincidence, and if it could meet the “present” me
To sadness, suffering, pain and pleasantness, thank you

若かりし頃に 戻りたまふと 願わん君の愚かさに                   
If I could go back to my youth, and hope for your stupidity

All these words and meetings up till now are my shame and I’ll curse time

いつかの青すぎた夢も 季節は教えてくれよう                  
再び出会ったときに 見舞うその色は違えど
Overly immature dreams of sometime    Seasons, please teach us
At the time when we meet again, the colours of the visit will change
あなたを見ているんだ あの日の若きシラベは                     
ワタシを羨むあなたが 振り返ったときに言えるよう                 
I was looking at you   The young
Veitch's silver fir of that day
You whom I was envying   Could say while turning back:
“I’ll wait for you”

思い出せたその言葉だけで 数え切れぬ物語できて                 
Thinking back, it was only those words that produced countless stories
No matter when or where, it will always be able to go back

いつかの雨も ここに降らすの                         
あの日の夢も ここに映すの                        
君とのアレも 気付けば                       
ほら    君は笑ってる
The rain of someday will too   Fall here
The dream of that day will too   Present itself here
If you and that thing too   Get discovered by chance
See, you’re laughing

昔を惜しんでも 先を恨んでも その全てがもう 今の君なの          
忘れたい君も 忘れたくない君も 作ってきたの 今の君を           
記憶にある僕 思い出にない僕 その全てはね 僕を知ってるの            
色付いていくの 一つになったの それが君なの
Even if you can’t bear to leave the past   Even if you hate the future    All that has already   Turned into the present you
The you who wants to forget and the you who doesn’t want to forget   Have made up the present you
The me who is in memories   The me who isn’t in memories   I know all that
Putting colour on it, letting it become one, it was all you    

(悲しみよ 苦しみよ 喜びよ 儚さよ 愛しさよ 虚しさよ 痛みよ)
(Sadness   Suffering   Happiness   Fantasy   Loving   Emptiness   Pain)
若かりし頃に戻りたまふと願って それ叶って                        
季節は何思う?次君は何を請う? 時は怒り 君を呪う
Wishing that I could go back to my youth: If that were to come true
What would the season think? Next, what would you request?   Time is angered; you curse


いつかの いつかの青すぎた夢も 季節は教えてくれよう              
Sometime    Overly immature dreams of sometime    Seasons, please teach us
At the time when we meet again, the colours of the visit will change

あなたを知っているんだ あなたが捨てたたくさんのアナタ                       
私はどこにも行かない あなたの中に 気付いてくれるの
I understood you   You who threw away many things
I won’t go anywhere, just inside you   Will you realize?
“I’ll wait for you”

TN: a Veitch's silver fir is a Japanese coniferous tree which lives in cool mountainous regions

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